Webster’s New World Student Writing Handbook eBook

Webster’s New World Student Writing Handbook eBook


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I just finished reading Engage and thought it was a fantastic read. The world of social media is new to me and it’s very exciting. There are so many tools available to help build your brand online – it’s overwhelming. Brian Solis makes it a bit easier and provides a clear path forward for thinking through the issues around how to make more customers advocates by engaging with them. He presents his ideas in such a way as to encourage you to try them. After reading it, you’re not intimidated by the power of the tools, rather, you’re empowered.

What I loved most about it is that it’s execution-oriented. We’ve all read enough theory and while it’s interesting, you can’t figure out what to do with it. That’s not this book.

His early chapters set the stage on how to identify the right networks, people, keywords, influencers, communities and tools that can be used by you to increase your brand. He provides a *toolbox* list that’s organized by categories which i found immensely helpful. Given the pace of this industry, I’m sure that the list has been modified, but the cool thing is that he always keeps the list up to date at his website […]. So, the book lays out the foundation, but the site keeps the tools fresh and new extending the value of the book as the foundation doesn’t change.

He then lays out the roadmap – it’s almost a step-by-step approach on what to do and how to do it. Of course, each of our businesses is different, so how we implement his approach requires alot of work on our part, but it’s easier given his expertise on what is proven to work.

This book will become a reference for me as i continue to build my brand online. I wish I could provide statistics for you on the results I’ve achieved using the framework, but it’s too new and I was so excited about the book that I wanted to share this review. If you want a book that helps you navigate this new media world, buy it as you will use again and again.