Trading in the Zone: Maximizing Performance with Focus and Discipline eBook

Trading in the Zone: Maximizing Performance with Focus and Discipline eBook


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the first 3 chapters touch very briefly on psychology, fibonacci tools and candlesticks charting as an introduction. it is concise, just about sufficient to give uninformed readers a basic understanding in these topics. for a deeper understanding of these subjects; steve nison’s ‘japanese candlestick charting’ and fischer’s ‘new fibonacci trader’ are excellent. these chapters were easy for me as i had already read those 2 books.
chapter 4 is what seems to be a pretty useless chapter where the author states statistical tests done on the profitability of each method described in the previous 2 chapters (ie the various candlesticks and fibonacci tools). he would repeat the description of each method and show their profitability tests over certain periods.
chapter 5 details a very useful method of using fibonacci trading, the PHI-ellipse. however, this chapter only repeats and expand what you’d have read in the previous chapters. note: PHI ellipses was already covered briefly in chapter 2. PHI ellipse is also found in ‘new fibonacci trader’.
chapter 6 teaches you how to combine the various methods discussed. the author would repeat some of the methods as he reintroduce them. an illustration of how repetitive the book is, the chapter is 50 pages long, half of which are graphics and there are summaries after each topic/method; yet there is a further summary to this chapter of 2.5 pages. obviously, the summary is a repetition!
there would be a last chapter of summary for the entire book…
a software for using the proprietory PHI-ellipse is provided with this book. i find that i cannot use it so far. but this may be due to my own inadequacies with the computer… or a conflict as the software has some very strict requirements for the charting data.
a good book with good theories but the author need to organise it better. the end product is disorganised and repetitive. readers could just read ‘japanese candlestick charting’ and ‘new fibonacci trader’, apply some common sense to combine these 2 methods and skip this book. the same CD-ROM software for the PHI ellipse come with ‘new fibo trader’.