The Complete RSI Book eBook

The Complete RSI Book eBook


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LEFT Brain Trading technique can help improve trading confidence and performance through a process of self-discovery coupled with a revolutionary new way to set up charts to reveal the universal framework that governs all currency movements. This full-colour, illustrated book describes how mental programming can affect trading and how this can be changed for the better. It also introduces a new way to use the Fibonacci ratios to provide the trader with a one-time framework set-up; easier identification of trading opportunities; a means of identifying the size of a trade; and improved risk management. Purchasers of this book are invited into a dedicated online forum and a video channel at Trading appears be a good way to generate wealth. For many traders this isn’t their experience. We are all driven by our subconscious programming, and much of it is negative. At an early age, we take on beliefs about ourselves and about the way the world works that have a huge impact on how we live our lives. Because this dynamic is largely subconscious, we don t realize it is happening, nor appreciate its impact on our ability to generate success or happiness. Spending time on techniques, books and positive affirmations can, ironically, make matters worse by increasing the internal conflict between our subconscious programming and what we want. In Forex we know that the candlesticks move to patterns, so the patterns must exist behind the candlesticks. It makes sense to find the pattern on the charts, rather than in the resulting currency movements. The Absolute Fibonacci Framework shows this. It is applied to charts permanently and can be used in conjunction with any trading system. For more, see Customer Discussions and Amapedia below the reviews. Set your charts, take some time to watch them and see the patterns.