The Big Four: The Curious Past and Perilous Future of the Global Accounting Monopoly eBook


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Newly expanded and thoroughly revised to reflect and meet the demands of a high-velocity global business environment, the Fourth Edition of this popular book and its companion CD-ROM are highly accessible, self-contained desktop references developed to be informative,practical, and easy to use. They help small and mid-sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations and public-sector agencies to achieve effective, efficient, and disciplined business development, proposal development, and knowledge management (KM) processes. Among an extensive array of updates and new material, the fourth edition 路 Introduces storytelling as a proposal art, along with solution development; 路 Emphasizes the value of front-end proposal planning and storyboarding (including elevator speeches, annotated outlines, and pain tables); 路 Underlines the importance of focusing on the customer mission in proposals; 路 Significantly expands the discussion of performance-based acquisition (PBA) and the latest U.S. Government procurement reforms and what they mean for small businesses; and 路 Discusses the development of successful grant proposals for the first time in this volume. This edition contains one of the most complete, comprehensive, and fully integrated analyses of U.S. federal procurement reform from 1984 to 2004. In addition, you find numerous useful, up-to-the-minute resources for U.S. and overseas businesses that want to engage in international business and proposal development. Using this book, any small company or organization with a viable product or service can learn how to gain and keep a client’s attention, even when working only a few employees. Entrepreneurs can use this valuable resource to assist in the establishment of best-of-breed business development, proposal development, knowledge management, and publications infrastructures and processes within their organizations. In many ways, a small company’s future performance in the federal, private-sector, and international market space will be a direct result of how effectively it chooses to implement the disciplined business development, proposal development, and KM processes and methodologies as well as the modes of thinking presented in this work.


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