Precision Trading With Stevenson Price and Time Targets eBook

Precision Trading With Stevenson Price and Time Targets eBook


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I have to laugh at the people who gripe about the price of this book, or any other one for that matter. Point blank, books like this one should be considered investments. If they provide you with information to increase your trading profitability or minimize your losses, then the investment has paid off.

How Markets Really Work is definitely a concise text. I, for one, am happy for that. It is a research report which presents a significant proposition and provides considerable evidence to support it. This book does that efficiently with no extra prose and loads of visual support making it a quick read and one that definitely makes the point it seeks to make.

If you are a stock market trader, especially one focused on the indices, How Markets Really Work is a very good investment. It could very well alter the way you approach your trading.