Marketing Dynamics (theory and Practice) eBook

Marketing Dynamics (theory and Practice) eBook


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Over two hundred and ten pages of tantalizing and juicy behind-the-scenes info that most of the general public is either ignorant about or could care less. This book is broken down into twelve seperate chapters; each chapter covers an important area of PR manipulation. The chapters are as follows:

1] Burning Books Before They’re Printed
2] The Art of the Hustle and the Science of Propaganda
3] Smokers’ Hack
4] Spinning the Atom
5] Spies for Hire
6] Divide and Conquer
7] Poisoning the Grassroots
8] The Sludge Hits the Fan
9] Silencing Spring
10] The Torturers’ Lobby
11] All the News That’s Fit to Print
12] Taking Back Your Own Back Yard

While reading this book, I really get the impression that the PR specialist are “artist” in their own way. Using the art of subtle manipulation and various other sneaky methods, these “story-tellers” are painting a picture of reality that puts the most positive light on some crummy issue, or corporate entity. While I always hear someone say ‘you can’t always believe what you see or read’, I can’t help but wonder if these people really understand the extent of their spoken words. This book will help shed some light.