Managing Workplace Bullying: How to Identify, Respond to and Manage Bullying Behaviour in the Workplace eBook


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Knowing that you’re managing a project that is going well is a good feeling.That moment when you know that its going to happen on time, that its avoided the pitfalls and delays that could have derailed it, and that people and resources have come together surely and smoothly, is a moment to savour. Fortunately, its a very achievable moment if you have mastered the tools and techniques of great project management.Developed from the day-to-day experiences of real project managers facing real organizational and logistical challenges, this book is designed to put you on a fast-track to managing projects of every shape and size with speed and accuracy.The Definitive Guide to Project Management will show you, step by step, how to deliver the right projects in the right way at the right time, while keeping your life balance. Using the principles of both traditional and critical chain project management, the authors help you master the essentials of good project management and then explore the sitiations where good projects and good business meet. How to manage risks and politics; how to demonstrate the value added by a project; how to communicate upwards and downwards in project teams; how to energize projects; how to turn failing projects around; and how to spot likely problem projects. As well as covering all the conceptual tools needed for project management, this book pays special attention to the soft issues involved – how to manage the people side of project management.Inside you will find key questions, step-by-step guidance and action checklists to help with each stage of a well-executed project:Before you startPlanning Preliminary Definition Full Definition Design Build and test Implementation Shutdown and reviewWith The Definitive Guide to Project Management, you can deliver results on time, every time.


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