Managing Change and Innovation in Public Service Organizations (Routledge Masters in Public Management Series, 1) eBook


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A useful guide which brings the experience of financial risk management to project management. Concentrates on realistic scenarios rather than complex mathematics. — Dr. Mamdouh Barakat, Managing Director, MBRM — MB Risk Management “Project managers will be taking a risk by not reading this book. A bright and thought provoking coverage of the subject with a perspective rarely taken, especially in information technology.” — Simon Lamoon MBCS, Head of Project Management, IT Development, Aon Group Limited “There are no projects without risks. How to deal with these risks is a pressing question that bothers many project managers. This book offers them invaluable help. Chong and Brown clearly have hands on experience; they not only know what managing project risk requires, but also how to explain it. Managing Project Risk includes interesting case studies that contribute to the reader’s insight. Buying the book is a small investment, but reading it can yield high returns.” — Professor dr. M. Peter van der Hoek, Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Economics University, Bucharest “A book that by example invites the reader to plan for the mitigation of Project Risks and to minimize in advance their potential to impact upon time, cost and success.” — Jim Godwin, Senior Project Manager, Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd “Managing Project Risk is a must for anyone planning to be involved in a large project, especially an international one. From energy and manufacturing ventures in the emerging markets to large scale technology planning, the book discusses estimation and analysis of the full spectrum of risks. As a risk manager, I am often told that scrutiny of risks often results in cancellation of many massive endeavors. To answer that question, the author discusses risk measurement approaches that allow one to seek the appropriate returns on investment in a large scale project. It is the understanding of these risks through numerous case studies and numerical techniques that would help one become a good project manager as well as a successful investor.” — Dr. Lev Borodovsky, Executive Director, Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) There are business projects that run smoothly and according to plan, but many do not. There is no such thing as a risk-free project. Managing Project Risk shows how skill and good project management, the business odds can stack in your favour. Issues examined include: the essence of project management; defining risk; project budget; leadership; team; task and the individual; benchmarking; risk modelling for the 21st century and project management technology. Risk management should not be an afterthought. Use this book to ensure it exists from the outset.


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