High performance options trading eBook

High performance options trading eBook


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Praise for Trading Options to Win

“Johnston has put together a very thorough work on futures options, and many stock option traders would learn something from this book as well. I especially like his reliance on expected returns and probability to choose the best trade to make.” –Lawrence G. McMillan, President, McMillan Analysis Corp. bestselling author, Options as a Strategic Investment and Profit with Options

“Entirely different from any other book on options, thank goodness. I fall asleep immediately and without fail after opening a book on options, but not this time. [This book is] readable in one or two sittings with fascinating cases that really illustrate the principles. It may be a delusion, but I think I understood most of Trading Options to Win. Some chapters on specific strategies I will definitely be reading again and trying to use in my own trading.” –Barbara Rockefeller, founder, Rockefeller Treasury Services author of The Global Trader and CNBC 24/7 Trading

“Stuart Johnston’s Trading Options to Win is an intelligent, literate, and informative description of the many ways to trade options that also explains why these trading strategies work. Those new to options trading absolutely need this book. Experienced options traders should not miss it.” –Desmond MacRae, freelance business writer featured in the Financial Times and New York Post

In Trading Options to Win: Profitable Strategies and Tactics for Any Trader, S.A. (Stu) Johnston shares thirty years of trading experience to help you gain an advantage and improve the profitability of your trading within the options and futures markets. Unlike some books, which offer a single “sure-fire” system for turning a profit, Trading Options to Win examines a broad methodology and philosophy of trading that puts the likelihood of profits on your side of the table.

Attempting to minimize risk, establishing a discipline for entering and exiting trades, and claiming a healthy return on capital (ROC) can be difficult in the options and futures markets. But with Trading Options to Win as your guide, you will quickly learn how to do this–and much more.