Getting Started in Chart Patterns eBook

Getting Started in Chart Patterns eBook


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Master trader Fari Hamzei uses inductive reasoning like current back-to-back World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand. Fari has won numerous “Market Timer” awards (which means his skills are legit) and he is a highly respected member of the quantitative (“quant”) trading community. He is the founder of Hamzei Analytics.I recently read Fari’s excellent book Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today’s Top Traders. This book is full of great lessons for the intermediate or advanced trader. The book is a collection of educational chapters by masters of their specific trading niche.The first part of the book focuses on Technical Analysis. In each chapter, the author shares a few secrets about their proprietary trading methods. In Chapter One, Jeff deGraaf discusses how traders can profit when fear or arrogance manifests in the market. deGraaf also offers pithy nuggest of wisdom such as: “In the market, arrogance without fear will eventually break you. Fear without arrogance will leave you paralyzed at the most inopportune time. The delicate balance of fear and arrogance fosters appropriate aggressiveness without the recklessness.”My favorite chapter in section one is Chapter Two: Sector Analysis. Given the incredible explosion in sector ETFs, I think this chapter greatly benefits investors/traders who want to better understand some technical tools analyzing sector rotation and trends. I have already taken a few ideas onto the trading battle field.The second section of Fari’s book looks at Fundamental Analysis. I found Chapter 6, Investigative Investing, to be one of the top overviews regarding best-of-breed fundamental analysis. If you are interested in taking your Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, or YahooFinance skills to the next level, chapter author Kai-teh Tao makes this book worth the price of admission.The final three sections cover Sentiment, Derivatives, and Trading Size. These sections will make the quants salivate. Honestly, quantitative models and high level options strategies are not my style of trading. But I did read through all the material and it’s excellent. In fact, I was left with a feeling of jealousy that in this lifetime I probably won’t have time to create such cool models and platforms. Now, if I could only find a quant or two who would like to crank out my wildest strategies …In conclusion, Fari did a great job assembling a professional team of traders to share their wealth of knowledge. If you are looking for a new edge and want to get fresh ideas from true masters of their domain, I highly recommend Fari’s book!