E-Commerce in the Asian Context: Selected Case Studies eBook

E-Commerce in the Asian Context: Selected Case Studies eBook


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This is a Flash book that focuses on specific projects the author has been involved in. There are only six such projects covered. They include, – a product demo – an interactive holiday card – two web sites done in Flash – LEGO game – Furniture.com’s Room Planner

Even though the book promises source code on the CD, the Room Planner project relies heavily on ASP/database backend and they DO NOT include this code. The result is that the Flash source included for Room Planner will not work. When someone from our firm asked the author about this he replied that his former employer owns that code and would not allow it to be published.

You can still learn from the Flash source code but its value is a whole lot less because you cannot see the application working. And, given that Furniture.com is now out of business you cannot see the application in action there either!

Our main reason for this review is to simply alert others BEFORE they buy this book about the missing source code. If this is not an issue for you this book may benefit you. In our case, we purchased the book to learn from the Room Planner source code so the book has little value to us.