Bonica’s Management of Pain eBook

Bonica’s Management of Pain eBook


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Practical applications of mechanical ventilation is a detailed book on the ventilator, its uses, and the principles that govern it. It explains the various ventilatory strategies that can be used during different disease states. The book consists of forty-three chapters, grouped into six sections. The first section is respiratory physiology. This section delves into the basics of physiology. Physiological anatomy of the respiratory system, mechanics of respiration, principles of ventilation are some of the topics covered. This is followed by a section on effects of controlled ventilation. This section talks about the application of pressure to gases, in order to facilitate absorption by the lungs, and the effects this process can have in different states. The section is know your ventilator. The parts and basic principles that control the working of a ventilator are dealt with in this section. The next section, ventilatory parameter, explains the normal and abnormal values of the various parameters are explained in this section. Inspiratory rise time, for example. Section 5 is titled modes of ventilation. There are, in essence, two modes of mechanical ventilation. When air if forced into the lungs or, when air is sucked in. This is followed by the final section, ventilation strategy. Practical applications of mechanical ventilation by shaila shodhan kamat is suitable for both practitioners and students, for its detail and completeness. The book was published by jpb in its first edition in 2010. It is available in paperback.